It is our dream to open the ideal maid robot cafe

MaSiRo Project


Here’s the event list MaSiRo Project exhibiting in this summer.

Sat 22, Sun 23 June 

Sun 28 July

Sat 3 August 


MaSiRo Project Links page is published now. (15/1/2024)

The recruitment of the MaSiRo Community participants has been started. Accordingly, two new pages are published and added to the top menu.


We, the MaSiRo Project are exhibiting at the Maker Faire Kyoto on 29 and 30 April.

We look forward to meeting you all. Cheers.

We, the MaSiRo Project perfectly completed the challenge of the Disruptive Challenge of the INNO-vation Program organised by MIC, The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, and are recognised as a INNO-β, MIC-recognised strange one who has an unsual power.

We are continuing to push forward for the growth of the maid robots.  (19/1/2023)

The Maid Robot Café Prototype was held for three days. (7-9/10/2022)

We started selling goods on BOOTH. (18/2/2022)

We started pixiv FANBOX. (30/5/2021)

We are recruiting for your support for the continuing growth of the robots.

What is the MaSiRo Project?

Some day, we would like to open a maid robot cafe.

This is an introduction of the MaSiRo Project.

Our developping robots now

We the MaSiRo Project need you as a new member.

We need your technical assist, funding support and so on.

MaSiRo's growing record and 

her cute photos

MaSiRo Project on X (Twitter)