It is our dream to open the ideal maid robot cafe

MaSiRo Project

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Currently, there is damage that demands money by pretending to be the creator of Masiro or a person involved in the MaSiRo project.

Support for the MaSiRo project is accepted only at the this . Please be careful.

We open a pixiv FANBOX funding support page.

To grow up our robots, we would like to ask your continuous funding support.

The Scheduled Exibitions

25-28 Nov 2021

RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021 Aichi Japan is Sheduled.

06 Feb 2022

Wonder Festival 2022 Winter is sheduled.

27-28 Aug 2022

F-CON / The 59th Japan's NAT-CON is scheduled.

The exibition record so far

What is the MaSiRo Project?

Some day, we would like to open a maid robot cafe.

This is an introduction of the MaSiRo Project.

Our developping robots now

We the MaSiRo Project need you as a new member.

We need your technical assist, funding support and so on.

MaSiRo's growing record and

her cute photos

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