Support with BOOTH

how to support at the booth

In case you want to send support for the time being, we have placed a download product for support on BOOTH.
The purchase price is from 100
JPY to your favorite support amount

Use BOOTH's BOOST feature for Tipping

1. Go to the BOOTH product page (Japanese Site)
2. Click ”Add to Cart”「カートに入れる」

3. Please click "Add money and support"「金額を上乗せして応援」

4. In the "Enter BOOST amount" form  「BOOST金額を入力してください」
Please enter your favorite amount to support MaSiRo systers.

5. Proceed to checkout. You can pay with a credit card.

The products that can be downloaded will be the data of the flyer distributed at the MaSiRo booth at Wonder Festival 2022 Winter.

Please send your feelings to the MaSiRo project.