She cannot yet make any job but can walk along with you.


the hand in hand robot

MaSiRo series the First

We are developping 'MaSiRo the hand in hand robot' who follow you if you hand in hand with her.

・If you hand in hand with her with right hands, she follows you smoothly.

・Doing a face recognision with her maid headband camera, she moves her neck and LCD eyes, and gaze you.

・Her right hand has a built-in heater and she hands in your hand gently and warmly.

・If you place your hand on her shoulder, she crouch down with natural moving.

Additionally, the posing feature, stroking head feature, bye bye feature and so on, she has a lot of cute features.

We are extending her features continuously

Date Of Birth:18 Feb 2018


MaSiRo's Technology

Legs (Moving Method)

We graciously gave up the bipedal walking which is expensive, complex and unstable, then we chose the two wheels differential moving.

We make a stable fast moving with the wheels which is in her skirt.

Right Arm (Operation Input)

Her right arm is the input device of the the hand in hand control.

It has three potention meters which detect an angle, two are in her shoulder, one is in her elbow.

In additon, her palm has a comfortably temperature controlled built-in heater! Also, she has a function if you grip her hand, she grips your hand back warmly.

Left Arm (Gesture Output)

Her left arm has built-in six shaft motors.

She can take a pose, make a gesture, and barely able to hold something if it is light.

For her fingers, we used 'inmoov' the robot hand which is able to be 3D printed.

Neck (Three shafts move)

Her neck is three shafts move; yaw, pitch and roll.

Especially, pitch and roll make up a differential move link and two servos move two shafts harmoniously, they achieve increasing output and smooth movement.

Face (Modelling)

CREATO! Project (Sugiura Lab) in the graduate school of the media design, Keio university created her face, as a collaborative research with us.

They are researching a stuffed cute girl costume and this time, they created her cute face with their stuffed costume technology for us.

Eyes (LCD monitor)

We are using a LCD display method for her eyes which are distinctively large like an anime to move them smoothly.

We are using two LCD independent monitors to fit on the curved surface of her face.

Her real eye is a depth camera separately attached on her maid headband.

Our future goals

・Autonomous driving; In order to become an maid robot, she has to be able to move by herself firstly.

・Voice recognition; It is still difficult to have a conversation but we would like to make her be able to respond to our call. We would like to make a connection with someone who can do a conversational AI.

・Making the right arm movable; Her current right arm is for sensing only and is not movable. We would like to improve it to be movable and to be able to do sensing.

and so on