Do you want to bring up maid robot with us?

The MaSiRo project is looking for development funding support for the growth (development) of robots.

Currently, there is damage that demands money by pretending to be the creator of Masiro or a person involved in the MaSiRo project.
Support for the MaSiRo project is accepted only at the following
Please be careful about spoofing.

want to continue to support PIXIV FANBOX

For the continuous growth of MaSiRo, we are conducting PIXIV FANBOX,
which can be supported on a monthly basis.

 → Support with PIXIV FANBOX (Japanese site)

want to temporary support BOOTH

In case you want to send support for the time being, we have placed a download product for support on BOOTH.
The purchase price is from 100 yen to your favorite support amount

 → Support with BOOTH(See the explanation)

want MaSiRo goods BOOTH

BOOTH also has original goods from the MaSiRo project.
The price is the price including support for MaSiRo. Please buy goods and support us.

 → Buy goods at BOOTH (Japanese site)

We can't sell robots yet.

They are still under development and have many breakdowns.

It is not at the stage where it can be sold.

So that they can get out into the society sooner

Please support us.