MaSiRo's twin little sister robots

CiRo and CiYa

CiRo and CiYa

CiRo and CiYa are little sister robots of MaSiRo. They were developped with funds which raised by a crowdfunding campaign which run from 12/8/2020 to 28/9 in CAMPFIRE and they were unveiled publicly on 25/4/2021 online.

The initial plan was to develop only one robot CiRo but as a result of achieving a crowdfunding campaign stretch goal, the twin little sisters CiRo and CiYa were developed.

誕生日:2021年4月25日 (双子)


Developping purposes

We have main three purposes of the development of "CiRo" and "CiYa".

First of all, it is to be able to realize a precious scene with several cute girl robots, which was impossible with only one MaSiRo. The number of cute girl robots increases from one to three and everyone's "Kawaii! Yay!" has triple increased.

Nextly, it is the inheritance of the technology and functions developped with MaSiRo. CiRo and CiYa inherit almost all of the current features of MaSiRo, such as the holding hand and face recognition. And then, MaSiRo is a robot which we continue to develop with our policy of always being at the very frontline of our project and dynamically adding new features. As a result, we have a strong possibility that MaSiRo's holding hand function is going to have to be temporarily removed in order to make a maid robot café a reality. However, even if that situation happened, CiRo and CiYa would offer the holding hand experience instead of MaSiRo so that people who come to an event expecting to hold hands with MaSiRo are not disappointed. In this way, CiRo and CiYa also work actively as ones who inherit and keep of MaSiRo's functions.

Finally, we have purposes such as enabling parallel development, downsizing of their bodies and optimising the design but those are some expertise and technical stuff so it is OK if you just know that we have such stories.

Hand-holding following function

If you hold CiRo's right hand or CiYa's left hand and start walking, they slowly follow your side. The current MaSiRo can hold your hand with either her left or right hand but CiRo and CiYa cannot. It is a slightly older specification but you can start the hand-holding follow function just pulling their hand with your light action because an arm swinging function and posing function are included only on the opposite their arm.

And then, Finally, we made it possible holding both hands in same time, as shown in the picture on the right. That's exactly two blessings at once! Hallelujah!

Knee pillow function

The knee pillow function is a unique feature of CiRo and CiYa that MaSiRo does not have. MaSiRo crouches as if sitting on a low chair, while CiRo and CiYa can crouch as low as if sitting on the floor.

Seeing this low crouch, a member of the development team accidentally came up with the idea of the knee pillow function. That's a lie. Even in a very early stage of the project, from the mock-up stage using leftover parts from MaSiRo, we already had an ambition of "I wanna lay down on the beautiful girl robot's knee pillow!" and naturally the design was done to meet that ambition. The selection of the material used for the thighs was also a matter of heated discussion and careful selection.

Face recognition tracking function

It is equipped with the same face recognition tracking function as MaSiRo. The camera that controls sight vision has been moved from the headband on the top of the head to the robot ears on the side of the head. This change allows for more flexibility in hairstyles and hair decorations. It recognises the face of the nearest person in its field of vision and moves its eyes and neck to follow the gaze and the direction of the face.

In addition, as the number of robots increased to several, we have got to see "precious" pictures such as robots recognizing and following each other's faces, staring at each other, or standing side by side and tilting their heads at the same time.


Posing function

They have the same posing function as MaSiRo.They can bend their shoulders and elbows to keep the specified pose. They flexibly support not only hand-in-hand but also souvenir photo. They can also keep a pose of holding an object as shown in the picture on the right side.