MaSiRo Community


Effective: April 29th, 2023

MaSiRo Community Guideline

These guidelines summarize the background of the MaSiRo Project, the overall vision of the MaSiRo Community, and the development philosophy shared by community members. 

It is not mandatory to comply with these guidelines. Community members are free to design their own development as needed. 

Please be sure to check the "MaSiRo Community Terms and Conditions" for items that must be observed during activities in the MaSiRo Community. 

These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.

1. Goal of MaSiRo Project

The MaSiRo Project aims to bring characters that have existed only in the world of animation into the real world as "living beings" by utilizing robot technology, to create a place where they can continue to be active, and to create a "never-ending story" that will never reach its final episode.

For the purposes of MaSiRo Project, "living beings" is defined as the following four things.

(1) Having a task and showing a willingness to manage it.

(2) Having a meaning of existence that is "useful to others".

(3) To be recognized and loved as "alive" by people.

(4) To be visited by many people at any time.

The "never-ending story" is to realize a society in which robots can continue to live as individuals and coexist peacefully with humans indefinitely.

To achieve this, robots must be able to continue to perform their tasks in a stable and periodic manner. In addition, the robot must be constantly maintained and continue to exist without any loss of its appearance or functionality. 

As technology develops, the more the robot can do, the more it will have the significance of being "useful to people". 

And just like us humans, each robot will grow into a beloved being with its own unique character.

2. Goal of MaSiRo Community

This project is managed by the founder and project leader, A_say, and several project members, but it requires the cooperation of many people to achieve the objectives of MaSiRo Project. 

In addition, in order to realize the "never-ending story," many people other than the project members must continue to develop the robot voluntarily and continuously.

Therefore, the project has established the "MaSiRo Community. In the MaSiRo Community, project members will provide information and technical support so that anyone can develop robots by joining the community. 

In addition to technical information essential for robot development, the MaSiRo Community will also share information about the MaSiRo Sister Robots, including character settings, illustrations, and costumes.

Community members cannot be directly involved in the development of the MaSiRo Sister Robots, but they can help the MaSiRo Sister Robots grow by sharing their own achievements in the community, some of which will be reflected in the development of the MaSiRo Sister Robots.

3. Development Level

The robots being developed in MaSiRo Project are in the research stage. 

Therefore, we do not require the quality of robots developed by community members in the MaSiRo Community to be at the level of "products purchased by ordinary consumers".

Reliability and manufacturing costs are also not assumed to be at the level of commercial products.

4.Development Information

The development framework common to the MaSiRo Community is available in the following GitHub repository. For more details, please refer to the linked wiki in the repository.

Last updated April 29th, 2023